Coins of united countries

I have coins from 95 different countries. This picture, with one coin from each country, is a good way of starting off my blog. With the events of the latest decade the world finds itself once again turning to separation instead of unity. The economic crisis is closing our borders and feeding extremism, but in some countries major tragedies have instead been met with further openness. Of course I’m thinking of Norway, which continues to show us the meaning and value of true democracy.

In this collection of different coins you can find a Norwegian one in the center (with an epic moose). Here you also have one from Bosnia-Hercegovina with a pigeon of peace, one from the UK with a ring of united hands and one from Poland in memory of the victims of the holocaust. These are good examples of coins with good messages. And for the message of the entire picture:

The coins might be different, but they fit very nicely together.


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2 responses to “Coins of united countries

  1. Nice post! I’m into coins myself, especially for the fascinating histories behind them and their great variety of designs.

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