The European collection

Since I live in a European country (Sweden that is) my coin collection has mainly consisted of European coins. I have a lot of European coins and during May-July I posted one coin from each country on twitter. However, twitter is limited, and I would like to give much more information on the coins than I can do there. So this blog is perfect for that!

Of course not all European counties will be featured. Belarus doesn’t even use coins! Andorra has an agreement with the Eurozone, but the country doesn’t mint coins of its own. The same goes for Liechtenstein in their usage of the Swiss franc. And Montenegro and Kosovo use the euro without approval of the Eurozone.

Last but not least we have Serbia and F.Y.R. Macedonia, I don’t have any coins from these countries. Yes, I do have coins from the Yugoslavian period, but that doesn’t count. So apart from these countries you will soon be able to learn more about 39 unique European coins!

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