The new Swedish coins!

I am quite over the moon today because the Riksbank of Sweden has unveiled the design for the new Swedish coins. For a couple of years it’s been clear that the coins are going to be changed and modernized, and so today we got the final design. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait to 2016 before I can start using them and collecting them.

The artistic theme of the coins is “Sun, wind and water”. Sun, wind and water ought to be things that all swedes like and it’s also a famous song by Swedish musician Ted Gärdestad (1956-1997), in Swedish it’s called Sol, vind och vatten. Intentionally or unintentionally – the coins also give a nice message of sustainability. Sun, wind and water is all sustainable sources of energy.

Besides the new design on the king (which is not final) the new 1 krona will also be in copper with stripes around the reverse side symbolizing sunrays.

A new 2 krona coin hasn’t been minted since 1971 (there’s hardly any 2 kronor in circulation). This new coin will be similar to the 1 krona but it will feature nice swirls of wind.

The new 5 krona will be in brass (like the 10 krona) and it will feature the king’s monogram instead of his picture. The coin will also have small waves of water on the reserve side.

The Swedish 10 krona will be left unchanged.

Overall I’m very pleased with this change. I was not entirely happy about the 1 krona being copper-colored instead of the traditional silver, but I like the new designs and the shiny copper surfaces. So, all in all, I can’t wait until 2016!

For a nice slideshow with comparison to the older coins, click here!

For more information on the new coins, click here!

(The pictures are from the Riksbank of Sweden.)

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  1. Intressant och informativt. Bra jobbat! /JR

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