(West) Germany: 50 pfenning 1971

This is a pfenning coin – the subunit of the Deutsche Mark (often referred to as the D-mark). Germany was split in two after World War II. One state was created from the zones occupied by the U.S., France and Great Britain. This was Bundesrepublik Deutschland – West Germany and it was here that the D-mark was the official currency. The other state was created from the zone occupied by the USSR. This was Deutsche Demokratische Republik – East Germany.

The two parts were separated for about 40 years and developed in two different ways. West Germany developed into a stable democratic country, even though they had problems with people who’d been part of the power during the Nazi era keeping high positions after the war. The same problem wasn’t that present in the east, but there the population suffered hard from both economic problems and an undemocratic rule. The Berlin wall constructed in 1961 is the main symbol of the separation of these two countries. It stood as an example of the insanity that was the Cold war, and it wasn’t until one wonderful night in 1989 that the wall was brought down. Sadly, walls are still being built…

The coin features a woman planting an oak three. The oak is a symbol of Germany and is featured on many different coins both from the D-mark and the euro. To me the woman planting the tree represents something new. It’s a rebirth of a new country that rises from the ashes of the Second World War.

The D-mark also became the official currency in East Germany following the unification of the two countries in 1990. It was later replaced by the euro in 2002.

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