Communist banknotes: Part 3

 Jugoslavien - 5000 Dinara - Tito

In the southern Slavic country of Yugoslavia communism would take another turn with the man featured on this 5000 dinar banknote. This is Josip Broz Tito – a sergeant who during took part in the liberation of Belgrade in 1944 and was saluted as a hero. He would hold a leading position in this new country that had been created after World War I and he became president in 1953, a role which he kept until his death in 1980. Tito would approach communism differently than his allies in the USSR had done and accepted a form of market socialism in his country. This, among other things, would later lead to frosty relations between them. But even though the Yugoslavian population was freer than the soviets you cannot deny the fact that Tito was a dictator. Many people today would however argue that the countries of Yugoslavia were better off during Tito’s reign because of the unity between different peoples that was emphasized. A decade after the death of Tito the Yugoslav republics entered a horrible time of wars and ethnic genocides. There’s still tension in the area, but with two of them already under the umbrella which is the European Union, perhaps Yugoslavia will be unified once again.


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2 responses to “Communist banknotes: Part 3

  1. Al

    Is there a American monetary value for this bank note?

    • Since they’re not that hard to get ahold of I would presume that the value would be quite low. I got mine for a bargain price (bought via the Swedish equal to ebay).

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