// As you guys realize, this is not an active blog, but I’ll keep the old articles here if anyone would be interested. //

How did it all start?

A Danish 25 øre coin found on the school playground, it became my lucky coin and I scratched one side of it in a Harvey Dent-fashion. Several years later, in 2008, I came home from a trip to Brussels with my wallet filled with euro coins. I was lucky. I found interesting coins by just keeping a close eye on shining bits while walking down the street. And after some wonderful contributions from my girlfriend it started, my coin collecting.

That was spring 2009, and I now have a collection of 650+ unique coins, of every shape and color, really ancient ones and brand new. And I have to admit that my collection of banknotes is also growing.

What are coins?

Often small round pieces of metal used in trade since many hundred years B.C.E. Coins portray the current state of a country the year it was minted, as well as often portraying different themes of historical importance. Coins often have a number on them, depicting its value. But coins are also filled with symbols; everything minted on a coin is there for a reason.

Hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me!

/Carl Loof.

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