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Latvia: 2 Lati 1999

This is a very poetical Latvian coin. The lone cow with the clouds in the background is beautiful, almost like a miniature piece of art. It’s a very uncommon motive, but a proof that many things looks good on coins. On the other side is the coat of arms of Latvia. Esthetically it’s a very nice coin and the two different metals also contribute to this.

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Ireland: 1£ 1990

This Irish coin features a red deer, a beautiful animal, which exist in large numbers over Europe and pars of North Africa and Asia. The coins of the Irish pound feature many different animals. The red deer is the largest non-domesticated animal in Ireland and the 1£ coin was the largest coin of the Irish pound.

The text punt is Irish for pound, and the text éire is the Irish name for Ireland. The harp is a classical symbol of Ireland and has a strong presence in the Irish culture. I recently heard a story about Queen Elizabeth I in the late 16th century banning the harp because it was a part of stirring the rebellions on Ireland. This gives the harp an even bigger meaning and it’s not hard to see why the harp would be featured in the coat of arms of Ireland.

The Irish pound was replaced by the euro in 2002.

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United Kingdom: 2£ 2009

Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, was born in 1809. This 2£ coin was minted in 2009 commemorating the birth of this very important scientist. The obverse side features Elizabeth II who’s been queen since 1952. The reverse side features Charles Darwin face to face with, the origin or our species, a chimpanzee. Of course, humans haven’t evolved from chimpanzees but according to Darwin’s theory we and other primates share the same ancestors. Darwin and his theory were despised during his lifetime and it wasn’t until the 20th century that his ideas were taken seriously – when they became the truth.

This coin was one of the first ones I managed to get my hands on during my visit to London earlier this year. And later during my stay there I met Darwin again – now as a huge statue inside the Natural History Museum.


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Norway: 5 øre 1962

The øre is the subunit of the Norwegian krone.

This Norwegian coin features former king Olav V on one side and a moose (elk, U.K.) on the other side. The moose is the largest animal in the deer family and they are widely spread over northern Europe, Russia, Canada and some parts of the U.S. The moose is a popular animal for hunting and their meat is appreciated by many. People from countries without the moose often tend to have a big fascination with them. In Sweden we normally talk about the Germen’s big interest in the moose which contributes to a lot of moose-related souvenirs.

Norway is today, in many different aspects, considered one of the best countries to live in – with the highest level of democracy, with good schools, healthcare, pension system and so on. Of course much of this welfare is a result of the oil from the North Sea which has made Norway one of the richest countries in the world.

This coin was minted 7 years before oil was found.

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Finland: 5 markkaa 1996

I love this coin! Esthetically it’s one of my favorite ones, and this all has to do with the seal – doing what seals do – relaxing on some rocks. This is a one of few freshwater seals and it’s called a Saimaa ringed seal which, unfortunately, is an endangered species. I especially like its whiskers. On the other side you have some lily pads and also a dragonfly.

As I mentioned in an earlier post Finland is very closely connected to Sweden. Close to 300 000 people in Finland speaks Swedish as a native language and Swedish language is a mandatory subject in Finnish schools. In recent years an opposition to the Swedish language has gained power, but as we see on this coin from 1996 the bilingualism of Finland is of importance. The Finnish markka was replaced by the euro in 2002.

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