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Austria: 1 euro 2009

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791), possibly the world’s most famous representative of classical music, is featured on this Austrian euro coin. Mozart’s signature is also featured and I think this is a very nice touch. Under the text EURO next to Mozart you have the outlines of a flag. If the striped areas would be colored red and the smooth area white you’d have the Austrian flag. Mozart, born in Salzburg, is a huge symbol of the country, and he’s present almost everywhere – in statues, landmarks and in souvenirs. This is something I experienced this summer when Vienna was one of the European capitals I visited.

So I’ve been in Austria, but I actually got this coin in Italy. The euro coins have special motifs on one side, representing one of the countries, but they are spread all over the euro zone. A good friend of mine is a musician and I would think that this is his favorite coin of all time. He also got one in Italy, but he lost it when he wasn’t thinking about which coin he paid with. Good thing I managed to get another for him later.

The euro replaced the Austrian schilling in 2002.


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