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Denmark: 25 øre 1991

The øre is de subunit of the Danish krone. This is not the coin I wrote about in the about-section but it is of that kind. A lot of different countries use currencies with names similar to the Danish krone (Norwegian krone, Swedish krona, Icelandic króna and Czech koruna) and here we get an example of why. One side of the coin features a nice crown and krone basically means crowns. For the Scandinavian countries the name was taken during the founding of the Scandinavian Monetary Union in 1873. During the 19th century the Scandinavian countries turned to friendship instead of hostility and the union was a strategy to stabilize the currencies with support from each other. The crown is an obvious symbol of monarchy.

A little heart can be found on the coin and this is a symbol that’s been used in Denmark for several hundred years. Originally the hearts may have been lily pads transformed into hearts through the centuries. This symbol can also be found in the national coat of arms of Denmark.


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