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Lithuania: 50 centų 2000

Following Estonia and Latvia, we now come to the third and last of the Baltic States. The centų is the subunit of the Lithuanian litas. As with many European currencies the litas was supposed to have been replaced by the euro in an earlier state, but since the economic crisis has severely damaged the union this has been moved to the future. Now the litas is set to be repaced in 2014.

Oh, and did you hear that the EU will receive the Nobel Peace Prize this year? Such a bad timing… But now I’m drawing away from the subject. Maybe I’ll write another post just concerning this prize…

The mounted horseman on the coin is from the Lithuanian coat of arms. This is the symbol used on all coins and have been used in Lithuania and the area since the 14th century. The identity of the horseman is unknown, though there seems to be a couple of theories. I would put my money on him being some sort of nobility of high importance from an early age. The cross on the knights shield is known as the Cross of Jagiellons in Lithuania and has been used by officials in Lithuania since the country was first Christianized. This also happened in the 14th century.


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